1. Talk To Me

From the recording Too Late To Turn Back Now

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talk to me
and I will do my best to listen to you
like good friends do
don’t spare any words
there isn’t much I haven’t heard

troublesome thoughts
well, I hope that you’ll find
the angels and devils at war in your mind
were never really there at all
come on and talk to me

from the courage of your heart
your very best self
I know we might need a little help
to get on our way
and heal this madness today

what if I told you it’s all been a choice
finally released from the doubt in your voice
that’s been lying all this time

meanwhile we both know it to be
half understand what we see
scared but protected
alone yet connected to the one thing that sets us all free
talk to me

talk to me
I have an open mind and you will see
we don’t have to agree
about wrong or right
let’s just get through this night

when it’s all in the light
then the dark can’t confuse
bare and laid open
with nothing to lose
brothers in the end
come on and talk to me